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Soil To Soul Resort



In the essence of life, we emerge from soil, tread upon its surface, and find our final resting place within its embrace. Soil is more than mere earth; it mirrors the spiritual journey of the soul. It is the cradle of our civilization, fostering health, culture, and social harmony. As we recognize soil’s role as the reservoir of biodiversity, it echoes the profound sentiment: Vasudevakutumbkam— the world is one family.

Experience boutique luxury with Soil to Soul Resorts. Our primary focus is to immerse you and your children in the wonders of nature. Feel the wind, play forgotten games, leave gadgets behind, step out of your room, and truly live your life.

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Make guests connected to life by giving them their childhood memories back. Be a soothing place where guests get experiences to cherish and explore their travel better.


 Enhance the lives of people and the community by delighting them.

 Be the company where everyone loves to work and grow together.

 To be a smile for the owners and stakeholders.


“Soil to Soul Resorts: Where hospitality, sustainability, and community blend for deeply resonant and meaningful guest experiences.”

"Aspiring Passion-Driven Hospitality"

At Soil to Soul Resorts, we prioritize ‘People First’, fostering a passionate environment. Our ethos revolves around creating personal, heartfelt experiences, deeply rooted in passion and care.

"Explore - Sustain - Respect - Repeat"

Our commitment to inspiring travel is intertwined with a profound dedication to environmental sustainability. We encourage exploration while ensuring our practices protect and cherish the natural world.

"Empowering Community Connections"

Community-driven initiatives are at our core, aiming to build lasting connections. We strive to empower local communities, believing that together, we can forge a path towards a more interconnected future.


To fully realize SOIL TO SOUL purpose we have established a clear set of expectations regarding “what” we need to achieve for our resort champions and “how” we will go about achieving those goals. At SOIL TO SOUL RESORTS, we take pride in succeeding together. Our team members are one of our most important assets, sharing their local expertise, pushing our businesses to the next level, and achieving results as they champion our vision of innovative hospitality.Every day, our team brings passion, leadership, drive and inspiration to our business and serves as the cornerstone of our success.We believe in sharing the Joy. We give ourselves to our work, but it also gives to us. We find joy when we take pride, recognize one another and have fun.


Sushil Mathankar

Meet Sushil Mathankar, a cornerstone of our team, embodying dedication and warmth. His exceptional skills and empathetic nature enrich our guests’ experiences, truly defining our service spirit.

Chandan Kumar

Chandan Kumar, with her vibrant energy and deep passion for hospitality, illuminates every interaction. Her commitment to excellence and genuine care for guests exemplify the heart of our team’s ethos.

Ram Charan

Ram Charan, brings a unique blend of creativity and foresight to our team. His innovative ideas and attention to detail enhance our resort’s ambiance, making every guest’s stay memorable and unique.

( Responsible Tourism)

Dedicated to sustainable hotel development and corporate responsibility, SOIL TO SOUL Resorts are passionate about ensuring positive contributions to both economies and ecosystems. We are also committed to corporate sustainability through the beneficial development of the careers and communities to which our hotels are connected. At SOIL TO SOUL RESORTS , we aspire to offer transformational experiences that enrich and enlighten our guests while informing them of the measures that can be taken consciously to soften our footprints for a better earth.  

What we offer

Luxury resorts, private tours and VIP transfers, carefully hand-picked based on your tastes and budget

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