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Responsible Tourism

Soil to Soul's Vision

"Sustainable Luxury"

Soil to Soul's Vision

"Sustainable Luxury"

Soil to Soul Resorts envisions redefining hospitality through a harmonious blend of nature, culture, and luxury. Our vision embraces responsible tourism, cultural immersion, and community enrichment. With a commitment to sustainable practices, we aspire to create transformative and soulful experiences, setting new standards for mindful luxury and environmental consciousness.

Community Development

Soil to Soul Resorts sees itself as an inseparable element of the local community, thriving symbiotically. We cultivate meaningful connections with our host communities, acknowledging the importance of collaborative partnerships and collective well-being for nurturing a sustainable and harmonious coexistence.

"Harmony in Action"

At Soil to Soul Resorts, we cherish the unique character that local communities bring to our operations—enriching our endeavors with their distinct lifestyles, cultures, and traditions, just as the regions themselves boast unique flora and ecosystems. In harmonious integration with these communities, we actively seek to absorb their valuable insights, adopting practices that showcase our commitment to environmentally conscious living and construction. Our properties proudly host a significant number of local individuals, employed and engaged in various capacities. Beyond the business advantages, this fosters enduring relationships based on mutual respect, support, shared growth, and collaborative community development.

Local Art and Culture

At Soil to Soul Resorts, we cherish artistic traditions, providing dedicated spaces for their dynamic display and expression. From captivating theatre performances to rhythmic music, mesmerizing dance, and exquisite crafts and paintings, we invite you to indulge in the vibrant tapestry of creativity, enriching your stay with cultural allure.

"Fostering Creativity"

We take proactive steps to promote and nurture the arts. We organize vibrant art camps that bring together emerging and established artists for enriching dialogues. Our properties transform into dynamic galleries and stages, providing platforms for artists and performers. Additionally, we celebrate local skills and techniques, offering opportunities for craftsmen to weave traditional practices into the unique architectural design of each location.


Deeply rooted in the belief that the Earth sustains and nurtures us, Soil to Soul Resorts draws inspiration from this truth in every operation. Our commitment to sustainability permeates every aspect, ensuring a harmonious coexistence with the planet, shaping unforgettable experiences that echo our profound connection to the Earth.

"Ecological Bliss"

In our journey with Soil to Soul Resorts, we’ve embraced a harmonious partnership with the Earth—a reciprocal dance of giving and receiving. Recognizing the delicate balance of ecosystems, we’re committed to giving back more than we take. Initiatives, like plantation drives in and around our properties, showcase our dedication to preserving biodiversity and fragile balance of mother nature. Mindful of resource use, we strive to replenish our bases, ensuring sustainability without compromising the beauty that surrounds us. From exploring the vibrant biodiversity to immersive eco-friendly activities, our commitment is to weave harmony with the natural beauty of Udaipur and Ektanagar. Engage in sustainable adventures that celebrate and protect the delicate ecosystems of these pristine locations

Local Cuisine

“Each region unveils its distinct character through culinary artistry. Soil to Soul Resorts embraces the unique essence of every locale, presenting flavors that tell the captivating story of each region’s rich flavours of the culture”

"Culinary Alchemy"

Dedicated to amplifying the genuine ‘local’ essence in every Soil to Soul Resorts experience, we not only meticulously incorporate ethnic culinary delights into our menus but also prioritize sourcing ingredients locally. Immerse yourself in the richness of local traditions through our wholesome, fresh, and enticing ethnic fare—a delightful journey that reaffirms the profound connection between culture and cuisine. By predominantly sourcing ingredients locally, we ensure an authentic taste that goes beyond the plate, truly making you a part of the locale when you savor these flavorful experiences!


“We view our properties as majestic tributes to time, treating them with the reverence befitting a monument or museum. Each one is a living narrative, adorned with precious artifacts from a bygone yet opulent era, carefully preserved and cherished for the delight of our guests.”

"Preserving Elegance"

Within Soil to Soul Resorts, we meticulously select locales resonating with a storied past, each property epitomizing meticulous restoration to honor our legacy and enhance the guest experience. Our commitment to preserving heritage extends to initiatives such as restoring architectural facets and seamlessly integrating indigenous traditions. Engaging guests through immersive experiences fosters an appreciation for the historical tapestry. Heritage, beyond mere brand identity, is the soul grounding our vision amidst the fluidity of time. It crafts a narrative of enduring grace and relevance, enriching each guest’s journey with a profound connection to the past.



“In an era of environmental delicacy, Soil to Soul Resorts gracefully embraces the essence of ecosystems. Each meticulously planned resort is a seamless blend of nature and humanity, fostering harmonious coexistence. Here, we hold in reverence the delicate balance, creating enchanting havens where biodiversity is not just preserved but celebrated in all its beauty.”

"Blossoming Biodiversity"

In the heart of Soil to Soul Resorts, biodiversity thrives, a testament to our fervent commitment to preservation. Lush landscapes become sanctuaries for diverse flora and fauna. Engage in guided nature walks and birdwatching, forging a deep connection with vibrant life. Curated experiences unfold the splendor of biodiversity, fostering awareness. Guests, custodians of nature, actively participate in our environmental stewardship. From conservation initiatives to tailored encounters, Soil to Soul Resorts invites you to intimately connect with the thriving vitality of our shared planet.

( Responsible Tourism)

Dedicated to sustainable hotel development and corporate responsibility, SOIL TO SOUL Resorts are passionate about ensuring positive contributions to both economies and ecosystems. We are also committed to corporate sustainability through the beneficial development of the careers and communities to which our hotels are connected. At SOIL TO SOUL RESORTS , we aspire to offer transformational experiences that enrich and enlighten our guests while informing them of the measures that can be taken consciously to soften our footprints for a better earth.

SOIL to Soul Resorts



Make guests connected to life by giving them their childhood memories back. Be a soothing place where guests get experiences to cherish and explore their travel better.


Enhance the lives of people and the community by delighting them. Be the company where everyone loves to work and grow together. To be a smile for the owners and stakeholders.


People First,Passionate in what we doInspire Others to TravelCommunity DrivenCommitment to Environment

Our Resorts

Soil to Soul
Villa Le Palms

Nestled on the western shores of Badi Lake with a picturesque backdrop of the Aravalli Hills, discover Soil to Soul, Udaipur, sprawled across 8 acres of lush greenery. La Villa Palm, a pinnacle of luxury, presents breathtaking views of palm trees and the Aravalli hills from every room balcony. Indulge in 50 opulent hotel suites, promising soulful experiences amid serene surroundings and authentic discoveries.

Soil to Soul
( Statue of Unity)

Discover the renowned splendor of The Statue of Unity at Ektanagar. Enveloped by 3 acres of meticulously landscaped gardens, our resort presents 32 luxurious hotel suites for your soulful experiences. Indulge in smart rooms, exquisite amenities, and seamless services, all delivered with impeccable hospitality. This is not just a destination; it's your gateway to reconnect with nature in unparalleled comfort and style.